Delivering IQN qualifications

In order to deliver IQN qualifications, a centre must first obtain centre approval from IQN. Your centre may choose to offer selected qualifications or all of our qualifications. At the time of application, your centre needs to confirm which of the qualifications it intends to offer.


Conducting IQN exams

As a registered centre, your organisation will conduct the IQN exams for your students. We provide necessary guidelines for conducting exams at our registered centres. Your centre must have appropriate infrastructure to conduct our computer based exams (CBEs). Your centre needs seamless internet facility, trained staff and computers (with webcam) to run our CBEs. Before scheduling an exam, your centre will have to collect published exam fees from the students on behalf of IQN. You need to send exam fees to IQN before the exam date. IQN will provide you further guidelines on the process.

Providing study resources

Each of our qualifications requires students to study specific textbook/ coursebook. In addition to textbooks, students also need access to practice questions and/ sample exam papers. As a centre, you will be responsible to provide these study resources to your students. We will work closely with your centre to ensure that your team has the exact understanding of the study resources that the students need.

Conducting exam preparation classes

Your centre must have qualified and experienced trainers to deliver exam preparation classes for the students. As part of our centre approval process, we will need you to submit CVs of your centre’s trainers. Trainers could be your full-time or part-time staff. Regardless of their nature of affiliations with your centre, all trainers must have relevant qualifications and experience to conduct exam preparation classes.

Apply for centre approval

To become IQN registered centre, your organisation needs to go through our approval process. To start the process of becoming a registered IQN centre, complete the online form and we will be in touch to discuss next steps.