IQN Complaint Policy


Consistent with its aim to provide quality services, IQN provides policy and procedures that enable students to submit complaint(s) against any aspect of its services. IQN Complaint Policy is only applicable for IQN Registered Students. An IQN Registered Student is an individual who has appeared in at least one IQN exam or someone who has successfully completed at least one IQN qualification. Registering the interest to study with IQN will not entitle an individual to be identified as an IQN Registered Student.


IQN will deal with all individuals with respect and courtesy and in a spirit of mutual trust and understanding, and will respond attentively to all complaints. This Complaints Policy for students will be monitored and periodically reviewed in order to ensure that it remains fit for its purpose. IQN will engage in complaints procedures in a way that is consistent, thorough, and fair to all individuals involved in the complaints process. IQN will ensure that the decision-making personnel engaged in the complaint handling process are different from those against whom a complaint may have been submitted.  The submission of a complaint will not be discriminated against the student at any stage of the investigation and/ process.


There are a number of possible situations where disputes or complaints may arise and that may involve a decision or investigation by IQN. Complaints may relate to assessment result of a qualification or about aspects of conduct matters of any staff of IQN. A complaint can be made where a student believes that IQN has failed to provide its services. A complaint can be related to insufficiency of quality and integrity of IQN services. Complaints can also be made if a student believes IQN did not provide correct and valid information about its programmes.


Stage 1:

A student needs to submit an online complaint form if s/he wants to file a complaint.

Information provided in the online complaint form must be correct and consistent with the relevant records previously provided to IQN. The complaint will only progress to Stage 2 if it has been submitted by an IQN registered student.


Stage 2:

Upon receipt of the complaint, IQN will respond to the student by email within ten working days. The email will include a unique Complaint Reference Number (CRN). The complaint will be passed to the responsible department and/or the most appropriate IQN staff member. If possible, the complaint will be dealt with and/or resolved by the relevant IQN staff member. Wherever required, IQN staff member will provide an outline of the way in which the complaint has been handled and set out in a clear way the steps that have been taken to resolve the complaint, providing details and context as appropriate.


Stage 3:

If the student is still unhappy at the outcome of Stage 2, s/he will be required to post his complaint to IQN Global Office marking the envelope for the attention of the CEO. This written complaint must include the Complaint Reference Number (CRN) and all details provided and received by the student during Stage 1 and Stage 2. Complaints received through post will not be processed if the application has not gone through both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the procedure.  Where IQN CEO is involved in handling the complaint, a panel may be appointed to investigate further. The findings of the CEO and/ investigative panel at Stage 3 may or may not lead to further action being taken on behalf of the student. At the conclusion of the investigation at Stage 3, outcomes will be communicated to the student directly through email. Following any investigation into a complaint at Stage 3 and the execution of any required remedials, no further action will be taken, and the Complaint Reference Number (CRN) will be marked as closed.