The IQN Board and IQN Professional Certifications Committee (PCC) play important part in our commitment to international standard and quality.

Chairman, IQN Board
Vice-Chair, IQN Board
Company Secretary
Chief Executive
Chairman, IQN Board



Alan Sampson is the non-executive Chairman of IQN. He has long experience of developing educational partnerships for the delivery of UK qualifications in different countries by complying with the UK and local regulatory requirements and recruitment of students to FE and HE programmes. He also has extensive experience in different educational management positions including curriculum development, quality assurance, staff management and general educational operations.


Alan has worked as the International Business Development Manager at Warwickshire College, where he developed partnerships and in-country delivery provisions in association with different UK and global stakeholders. He has worked as the Head of International Office at Weston College, where he was responsible for the development of international engagement, policy development, international recruitment and collaborative partnership development. Alan has worked as the Deputy Director (International Operations) at Bournileville College and also as the Progression & Recognition Manager at Pearson Qualifications (Edexcel).


Alan has completed his MPhil at the Bournemouth University and DMS at the University of Portsmouth, UK. He has completed BSc from the Central Missouri State University, USA.

Vice-Chair, IQN Board


Shazzad Rashid is the Vice-Chairman of IQN Board. He is a seasoned entrepreneur as well as a community leader. Furthermore, he is a franchise owner of one of the largest urgent care brands in the USA. Shazzad has held different leadership and consultant positions within various Fortune 500 (such as Johnson Controls, John Deere) and Big 5 professional services (Arthur Andersen) firms.


Shazzad has completed his Masters in Engineering Management with major in business administration from the Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas. He has completed his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the same university.


He is the initiating leader of a community-based organisation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been successful in leading and bringing people of diversified background under a common platform to work together as a team. 


As part of IQN Board, Shazzad is keen to further IQN's growing presence in the Americas. Shazzad is responsible for boosting recognition of IQN professional certifications and credentials in the United States and Canada. 

Company Secretary


Rayhan Utpaul is the company secretary of IQN. He has Master of Business Administration in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Wales. Rayhan has keen interest in corporate governance, risk and compliance issues.


As the company secretary, he is responsible for ensuring that IQN complies with pertinent regulations and maintains high standards of governance. Within the organisation, he holds a critical position at the heart of UK operations. Moreover, he acts as a vital point of correspondence among the board of directors, shareholders and IQN's executive management.


Rayhan has astounding organisational abilities and is profoundly productive and efficient with a decent eye for detail. He has useful networks within the wider industry. With his insights and professional engagements, IQN team is being able to remain updated with the latest industry trends and developments that might impact the future of global credentialing market.

Chief Executive


Samiur Rashid is a dynamic and committed ‘edupreneur’ with strong understanding of UK qualifications and international education markets. Samiur is an IPA graduate of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies (CeFims) of School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.


Samiur has rich and deep experience of developing centre networks for the delivery of UK qualifications in different countries. He has significant experience in developing collaborative provisions in partnership with different UK higher education establishments and awarding organisations. He also has extensive experience in different educational leadership roles including qualification development, external quality assurance, qualification mapping/benchmarking, internal verification and global market development. 


Samiur’s range of interests include UK national qualification frameworks, online collaborative provisions, developing continuing professional development frameworks, marketing analytics, educational leadership and risk-based quality assurance schemes. As a member of IQN Board of Directors, Samiur offers invaluable insights and leadership for rapidly expanding global operations of IQN.


At IQN, we aim to bring together international assessment and industry leaders to develop and manage business qualifications that will support people to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. That is why we continue to work with a growing number of external quality assurers and subject experts from different corners of the world.

IQN Professional Certifications Committee (PCC) ensures that IQN awards certifications to the standard expected by its stakeholders. The committee monitors IQN’s compliance with the ISO 17024/2012 standards and the requirements of the SCQF Credit Rating Bodies.