Advance your career by tapping into the critical competencies you require to add a badge of successful project professional. Having the CPMA designation not only uniquely qualifies you for the competitive job market, but also proves that you are up to date on the Project Management Analysis (PMA) framework.

Your CPMA certification will validate your commitment to the high standards that your profession demands. Our certification makes it easier for you to join the community of professionals by delving into all the tools you need to add credibility to your resume. Click here now to register your interest.

Quality Assurance

CPMA® certification is recognised on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) as a Level 7 qualification. The SCQF is one of the national qualifications frameworks in the UK. The CPMA certification stands as a Level 5 qualification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).


CPMA certification has been designed around the Project Management Analysis (PMA) framework. 

The PMA framework has nine components knowledge areas:



There are two entry routes to become eligible to sit for the CPMA exam. Before you apply, make sure you meet either entry route A or B


HND/ Associate Degree/ Bachelor Degree/ IQN Diploma/ Equivalent1-year work experience


High School Diploma/ GCSE/ global equivalent school-level certificate2-year work experience

How to complete CPMA?

Step 1

First step is to complete a quick registration with us. Click here to register your interest and instantly receive your free study materials!

Step 2

You can study with one of our registered centres near your location. Alternatively, you may study independently with our prescribed study materials.

Step 3

Once your preparation is complete, you will need to sit for your computer-based MCQ exam. Our exam is available on-demand any time of the year!

Exam & Fees

In order to achieve the CPMA designation, you need to pass a computer-based MCQ exam. Duration of the exam is 60 minutes and total mark is 100. You will need to get minimum 60% marks to pass the exam. If you unfortunately fail in your first exam attempt, you will be allowed five re-sit exam opportunities. However, all re-sit exams must be taken within one (1) year from your first exam attempt date. 


PMABOK and practice book are provided for free! You do not have to pay any fees to IQN until you sit for your exam. CPMA exam fee is £149. Each re-sit exam fee is £49. Successful students are issued digital certificate and transcript at no extra cost! However, in case any student requires hard-copy certificate and transcript, additional fees (£99) will be applicable.


Annual Maintenance and Re-certification

After successfully completing your CPMA exam, you become authorised to use CPMA post-nominal letters after your name. Annual Maintenance Fees (AMF) are required to maintain your CPMA designation. Your first Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) is due on the anniversary of passing the CPMA exam. Subsequent AMFs are due on each anniversary date thereafter. Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) for the year 2022 is £79. AMF may be subject to review in future years.

Maintaining your CPMA certification is crucial to your professional growth, fluency and currency within the industry. IQN requires that you recertify by passing an online re-certification exam once every ten (10) years. This is to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated in your first exam. Re-certification exam fee is £29.

Exam Preparation

Our students either study independently or attend classes arranged by registered centres. PMABOK and practice book are sufficient to ensure exam success. Our practice questions are important to evaluate your own progress and preparation. Survey shows that majority of our students successfully complete the certification in three months. However, you can take as much time as you need for your preparation!

Further Information

If you need further information about the CPMA certification, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to assist you!